As you are.jpg

As You Are

by Nalini Tranquim

Nalini released her latest single, "As You Are," in July of 2013. On this DJ Jireh remix of "As You Are," Nalini sets the softer piano and subdued vocals of the original to a pop dance beat. The lyrics of the chorus are a plea from God for us to come to Him as we are. Nalini sings, "Come as you are. Don't despise the way I made you; I gave you Me. So come as you are." While the original version plays out more like a worship song, the DJ Jireh remix adds a different twist altogether. And while the vocals and piano still sound as haunting as the original, DJ Jireh's addition gives the song a more modern feel. In actuality, when you listen to them each, the DJ Jireh version feels more like the original while the original itself seems like a stripped down recording.