Time and Tenacity

I had no idea the time nor (funnily enough) the tenacity required in writing a blog. The stringing together of words is not the issue, it's the topic of the string that seems to have my brain in a shamozzle. However, whilst sitting down today, determined to thread this string in some sort of shape or form with my cup of tea in hand, I realise that time and tenacity are requirements for any venture, big or small.  Does this mean we wait for both to fall from the sky? Sorry to disappoint you…


I've learned over the years that 'time' is something you must create.  We've all been given twenty four hours in a day. How that day is used - is determined solely by its owner. If you decide to invest it in a dead-end job, working nine to five, then that's your choice. "I have bills to pay" you blurt out, slightly annoyed.  Yes, as do I. However, how you spend your time, to make your money, to pay your bills - is still your choice.

"How do I spend time doing the things I love when so much of my time is spent doing the things I must?”

In order to answer the above, we must first learn to create more time.

Well in order to create something you don't yet have, you need to eliminate something that's currently taking its place. For example, when my husband and I first got married, we knew that one day we would be our own bosses.  We didn't want to spend the rest of our lives working for someone else, building someone else's empire.

My husband is passionate about cars and so we both knew that for him, his objective was to create something in the Motor Industry that would allow him to live his life doing what he loves, and get paid for it.  

The early days demanded sacrifice and the sacrificial element was our time together so that he could invest his freed up time into starting his dream.  He was stuck in a nine to five, would get home and then spend several hours getting word out about his new business venture.

When the phone rang with his first job to fix someone's car, he did it on his way home from his day job. He carried on with the day job until there was so much work waiting for him, he had no choice but to quit and build his business full-time.  Which then meant he was doing what he loved, was getting paid for it and our time together in the evenings was given right back!

Time on it’s own however does not build the dream.

I love the list of alternative words on Google for “Tenacity”.


Time and tenacity coupled together can create something quite beautiful. When you have a purpose, a vision, a goal, it becomes your driving force to make it eventuate.  However, you can have a driving force and still procrastinate at the same time. So maybe what’s needed is a little perspective.

I have a tireless spirit, with a resolve to live a life that counts for something.  To be someone who impacts, encourages and builds others up.

But I’ll start tomorrow.

Ugh...Monday is the 1st of the month.  I’ll start on Monday.

Oh great, little one is unwell.  It’s okay, Wednesday is a sunny day.  He’ll be back at Nursery by then. I’ll start on Wednesday.

Been invited out for drinks after work on Wednesday.  Haven’t seen Adrian in ages. Will start the dream at the weekend.

Two, three, five, ten years go by and all I’ve managed to muster up is a tenacity in procrastination. I do believe my tenacity may be misguided.

Well, today is a new day.  I have breath in my lungs and I’m determined that by the time I reach my deathbed, I will have extinguished the dream within me.  It’s not coming with me to the grave... or is it?

If you have neither the time nor the tenacity but you have a desire in your heart to fulfil, then something has to change.  A book that gives me a good kick up the wotsits now and then is called "The War of Art" by Steven Pressfield.  Absolutely brilliant. Without giving away any of its content, I do want to share Robert McKee's Foreword which totally resonates with me each time I read it:

Steven Pressfield wrote The War Of Art for me.  He undoubtedly wrote it for you too, but I know he did it expressly for me because I hold Olympic records for procrastination.  I can procrastinate thinking about my procrastination problem.  I can procrastinate dealing with my problem of procrastinating thinking about my procrastination problem.  So Pressfield, that devil, asked me to write this foreword against a deadline,  knowing that no matter how much I stalled, eventually I’d have to knuckle down and do the work.  At the last possible hour I did...and as I closed The War of Art, I felt a surge of positive calm.  I know I can win this war. And if I can, so can you.
— Robert McKee

So come on kid, what are you waiting for?  Ditch procrastination the stealer of dreams, create the time for what you love and develop the tenacity to see it through. Nx ?❤️

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