Unlocking the Drawer on the Past

I have a little something for you to ponder.

Without consciously being aware, we often lock the drawer on the past without fully understanding the consequences of doing so. It's easier in the now to block it out of our system in order to move forward.  Here's the thing.  How does locking the drawer on the past actually impact us?

For those of you who are connected with me on social media, you'll know that I plan to take my readers on a slightly extended journey with some added tidbits and nuggets of gold to compliment your reading of 'The Orange Hue'. 🤗

During a recent interview, I shared how uncomfortable the writing process has been. It’s hard enough facing the dodgy decisions one makes without having to document it for all the world to see. It’s easier to close the drawer on the past, never to open it again. However, in order for me to write my story, I in a way had to unlock that drawer and re-live some of my past.  It came with it's fair share of snot and tears!

Having undergone the process though, I discovered little areas of unforgiveness. People who’d hurt me - were actually taking up space in my heart without me even realising it. I'm not talking fluffy, cosy space either. Thinking about them in the context of certain scenarios, triggered emotions of not only grief but in some cases, resentment.

Unlocking the drawer on the past for me has actually been therapeutic in more ways than one.

  1. I've been able to identify areas in my own heart that have hurt like a festering sore. 

  2. I've learned to acknowledge the impact. Yes it hurts. Some of the things that happened sucked and if I could do things differently, I would.  By simply closing the drawer, I cut off communication as the topic becomes a no-go zone. I shut it out of my mind and hope that if I don't see it, it's not there.  In a way, I've inadvertently put a bandaid on the infection.

  3. Having identified the painful areas, acknowledging the impact they’ve had, I've chosen to forgive. I want to free my heart of the burden, I want to empty the drawer. I feel lighter as a result, giving my heart more space to fill with love, joy, peace and every good thing you can think of.

I just want to encourage you to free your heart of yesterday's muck.

Don't carry excess baggage into your tomorrow. Travel light. Sure, there's some pain that has left a mark so deep, that you may need to unlock that drawer with someone alongside. There is however some clutter that simply requires a pair of gloves, a bin bag and the resolve to be done. ❤. Nx

Maybe it’s time to unlock the drawer…

Maybe it’s time to unlock the drawer…