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 The Orange Hue

Book Launch - Recap



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The first official book launch for Nalini Tranquim's "The Orange Hue" took place on Saturday the 27th of April 2019 in Melbourne, Australia.

It was a fabulous evening

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The Orange Hue is a gruelling account of Nalini Tranquim’s harrowing past....and triumphant success.

Born in India, but raised in Zambia and Zimbabwe, Nalini is confronted by the social challenges of her turbulent environment, and decides to tempt fate at the tender age of 18. With a serious quest to pursue her ‘childhood dream’ of becoming a world renowned Singer/Song-writer and Pianist, her instinct is to make it BIG in London, only to fall short soon after. Pregnant, isolated, and with no money, her life was thrown into complete chaos.

As Nalini is confronted by the conflicting forces of Motherhood and a demanding career in Music, she encounters God along the way. Despite ongoing rejection from her Church community, she pursues her faith with deep conviction. As her life begins to re-build, and her focus on music finally begins to take shape, her

world is again in turmoil.

With fervent obedience to God, she is led to follow a new path to Australia with her Husband and two Sons. New opportunities begin to unfold and life is good, until the unpredictable road again reveals its dark side.

Despite the constant curve-balls, Nalini has already experienced victory!

Nalini’s intimate story is authentic and thought-provoking, aimed to inspire and encourage the believer and non- believer of Christ to persevere in accomplishing one’s dream, despite the odds. Whatever it may look like, and whatever life brings, Nalini’s testimony reveals that anything is possible if you fervently follow your dream!


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