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My name is Nalini Tranquim and first of all, I’d like to thank you for visiting here. It’s been over 20 amazing years now since I married my childhood sweetheart. Not only am I proud wife, but also a proud mother of two teenage sons. This is a life I never even imagined for myself as a young child. Most of my childhood was spent focusing on becoming a world-renowned pianist. It was my passion. It was my first love. It’s exactly what I wanted to become.

Then life stepped in…

I faced poverty, an unexpected pregnancy, a very abusive work environment, and many other major setbacks and personal challenges. I found myself jumping from one country to the next, having to start over each time and then being hit with the horrific news that my second son had a severe medical condition. Needless to say, I felt like life was working against me, not for me. Trying to achieve my own personal dreams and lofty goals seemed practically impossible given my situation and circumstances. Looking back, I know that if I’d only had that one special person to walk along by my side, to guide me, to give me a sense of direction, and to help remain dedicated and inspired, it could have made things so much easier. A life coach – someone who could help me navigate the rocky waters of life, and come out the other side not only stronger, but a much happier and more illuminated human being. Despite all my hardships, setbacks, paralysing obstacles and more, I realise now that it ALL had a divine purpose…


To help me not only become the person I am today, but to also shape me into becoming a beacon of light for others who may need help overcoming obstacles, to discover who they really are - and also who they can be - if they want it bad enough.


All of my hard work, determination, and a lot of blood, sweat and tears has finally paid off in a number of amazing ways. Like they always say, “No pressure, no diamonds”. I’m a living example of that.

I’m proud to say that I’m now a multi-faceted diamond that has become an expert in song and video production, live events, book writing, and most of all – becoming a Life Coach that transforms people’s lives. Not only do I hold a Post Graduate Degree in accounting and have a number of years under my belt in accounting, systems and operating procedure development, as well as developing staff, – but my #1 passion is helping people discover and become their best selves. It doesn’t matter if you’re simply stuck in life, facing a heartbreaking setback, looking for guidance in a relationship, or wanting to overcome certain internal or external conflicts, I can help you get on the right path. Thanks to my years of experience, gained wisdom, personal insights, and talent for bringing the very best out of people (even when they can’t see it themselves) I’m confident that I can help you in your current time of need. There are no judgements here, only positivity and actionable steps. I’m here to be the person to help you not only leap over the hurdles of life that may come your way, but to totally exceed past them. I use my own Christian foundation as the core for all the principles I teach and share, because they work. I’m here to empower you, to motivate you, and become your #1 supporter. While life may seem difficult and challenging for you right now, I can guarantee you that there are hidden gifts lurking just underneath the surface. Let me help you discover them!