Mama Bear

Are you currently or have been a carer for a loved one following an illness, an accident or an unexpected turn of events in your personal life? Be it a parent, partner or child that you are taking care of, it’s consumed your time and attention. It’s exhausting, demanding and yet something that you simply cannot walk away from. I’ve been here. I know exactly what it’s like. There have been times when I’ve desperately wanted to talk to someone but just haven’t known who. It can become overwhelming, the sense of not being able to breathe is taxing on the physical body. Sleepless nights worrying… it just doesn’t seem to stop.Friends and loved ones send messages of love, support and prayers but sometimes it’s actually a breath of fresh air, stillness and quiet in the company of someone who understands is what’s most needed.

Mama Bear Honey Pot Package

This is when family and friends can really kick-in to help. They take over the care for a couple of nights while you get some much needed pampering, love, rest and attention among a group of women who are wading through the same forest as you. We are talking a weekend retreat away with a group of 6 – 8 women in the beautiful and elegant Lake House in Daylesford. We will talk, we will discuss our lives, share the journeys we are traveling, probably have a few tears but certainly plenty of hugs too. We will enjoy treatments at the spa, world class food from the award winning restaurant as well as a beautiful presentation by Nalini on our closing night together.

Includes: 2 nights accommodation, all meals, workshops and spa treatments.



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