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My Story

I am the daughter of Ashok Jalalabadi, granddaughter of Qamar Jalalabadi (the famous Bollywood writer) and I was born in Chandigarh India, a small town in the foothills of the Himalayas yet was raised in the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe where I grew up with a dream to become a world renowned Singer/Song-writer and Pianist. Every little kid’s dream right?

My whole childhood was gearing me up for this one single dream.

I am now sitting in Melbourne, Australia as I write these words to you, on the brink of celebrating twenty years of marriage to my man, with two grown boys who are now venturing outward to achieve their own dreams and I’m quite literally blown away by the journey travelled this far. It’s come with blood, sweat, tears and more tears. There have been moments of deep despair, broken heartedness, fear and anxiety yet also incredible joy, laughter and a strange satisfaction in my inability to be satisfied at what has been accomplished. There remains a longing for so much more.

I am thrilled that I get to venture into the “so much more” with you. My journey travelled has now become a story I tell purposed to inspire, motivate and spur you on as you face your own path consisting of blood, sweat, tears…joy and laughter. This is where Motivational Artistry kicks in. A beautiful marriage between motivational speaking and music.

Where life itself tells the story.

My Motivation

Don’t you sometimes wish…

That you had someone cheering you on from the sidelines? Be it a simple word of encouragement when going through the tough season or just a little humour when life is glum?

I have found myself looking over old photographs, remembering times past and thinking “If only I had someone who could have helped me navigate that season”.

I believe that there is a cloud of witnesses cheering us on from Heaven, but how awesome is it to know that there are also people here on earth (besides immediate family and friends) who stand along side us, who want to see us flourish in everything we set our mind to and who genuinely care about the condition of our heart?

Well I want to be that someone in your world  I will cheer you on through music, poetry, spoken word and personal one on one coaching.

To learn more about how I can champion you on your journey click here.

We don’t have to do this journey alone!
- Nx