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Press Releases


Vision Radio Interview

With Nalini Tranquim - 16/5/19

In her interview with Eric Skattebo about her newly published book “The Orange Hue", Nalini shares her compelling life story and describes how her dreams of user her gifts for God by becoming a world class singer and concert pianist, were totally shattered when life hit her with a completed unexpected curve-ball. Listen as she bares her soul and openly admits how her faith in God was seriously challenged.



Behind The Sash

Charity Event - 04/04/19

Nalini was asked to perform at the Behind The Sash Charity Gala held at the Notel in Melbourne. She sang her new single “New Scars Heal” which is due for release on all digital platforms in September 2019.

Behind the Sash is a documentary series developed to shine a light on issues of injustice affecting women and children in Australia and abroad. It premiers on the 26th of October on Channel 10.

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