Book Launch

Book Launch


Date: Saturday 27th April
Time: 6pm - 8pm
Location: Toorak
Included: A lavish evening of Cheese & Wine at Nalini’s home
Complimentary signed copy of Nalini’s book

NB: Additional books may be purchased.  Card payment will be accepted

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Book Synopsis

The Orange hue is a gruelling account of Nalini Tranquim’s harrowing past…and triumphant success.  It is an intimate, authentic and thought-provoking account, aimed to inspire and encourage you to persevere in accomplishing your dream.

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“Nalini Tranquim invites her readers on an intimate journey through the highs and lows of her life which will both move and captivate you”. 

Samantha Jackel

Author of My Purple Pants & Victorian Mother of the Year 2014

“Nalini Tranquim is a private person living a public life. Her stories are so compelling, honest and raw… You’ll transverse every emotion from shattered dreams, emotional abuse and humiliation to hope, forgiveness and joy”. 

Wes Jay

Broadcaster & 2017 CMAA Legacy Award winner

“…Reading Nalini’s book has increased my admiration for her sheer determination to tenaciously pursue the things of God, often in the face of severe adversity…” 

Anton Bekker

Artist Manager/Lawyer

Bekker Lawyers