New Scars Heal - Digital

New Scars Heal - Digital


Fortunately for everyone who likes contemporary pop, Nalini has resurfaced with a fresh, accessible sound. New Scars Heal paints a vivid picture of a single moment that altered the trajectory of her life. This is also the central theme in Nalini’s newly published autobiography The Orange Hue. 

New Scars Heal is a reminder to all of us whose dreams have been shattered or whose lives have been left in a state of what she calls “hope deferred”, that God is a man of His Word.

“When He places dreams and desires within our hearts, He promises to bring them to completion,” Nalini says. 
“Let’s not limit Him just because of a few scars,” she suggests encouragingly.  
“It’s time to get up and dream again!”

New Scars Heal has a chorus that lingers in your head long after the track has finished.

Download your copy today and receive not only the “extended version” and the “radio edit” but you will also receive Nalini’s very first sample of the song when it was still at its grassroot stages. Experience the journey of progression from sample to finished product! 

Listening to New Scars Heal is like catching up with a good friend again! Worth the wait!

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